TECNYCLON is a vinyl resin that appears in the form of a whitish liquid (without pigmentation) and is activated with a heat source when it reaches a temperature of 120/180ºC.

TECNYCLON is used for the manufacture of soft plastic objects or figures and it can be customised to different strengths and characteristics, according to the client’s needs.

At the optimal state for its use, TECNYCLON has a very low viscosity, which facilitates casting and a perfect reproduction of the model. For its application, a release agent is not necessary and its solidification. Once poured or injected into the mould the application is very fast and it can be released in approximately 5 minutes.

Another characteristic of TECNYCLON is that, once the soft plastic objects or figures have been manufactured, both the excess and solidified material and the possible defects can be recovered and recast several times, without hardly losing their properties. This makes it a very economical product.

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