TECNYPOL is a two-component polyurethane system with high reactivity, low viscosity and no blowing agents, ideal for the production of moulded parts with a variety of customisable hardnesses and good physical and mechanical properties.

TECNYPOL systems are fluid at normal temperatures, so it can be processed between 20 to 30ºC, with high reactivity at room temperature and is suitable for open castings, rotational castings and low pressure injection castings. It allows us to obtain products that are resistant to great mechanical stresses.

This system can be easily reinforced with fibres (glass, polyethylene, Mat, etc.) to considerably increase its structural properties, especially its resistance to deformation and impact temperature. Its typical uses are figures, mouldings, bars, dowels, stops, toy pieces, moulds, housings, frames, miniatures, prototypes, etc.

It can also be pigmented in different colours.

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